Hey, I’m back. It’s been a couple of weeks. I really needed that time off as it turns out.

So here’s what’s going on I decided I am going to split up the update schedule. Currently I have up to page 329 inked so I’m going to run through those and then Sin Pararse is going back on hiatus. Why? Well both Sin Pararse and TWIYEH are getting close to their respective ends and I think I can finish them faster if I just focus on one at a time for the remainder.

So we got a few weeks left before then and it’s not going to stop on a super cliffhanger or anything. But after page 329 SP won’t update again until TWIYEH is finished. And after it comes back it’ll update with 2-3 pages a week until it’s finished. I hope that’s acceptable to most everyone. And if you’re not already reading it maybe check out my other comic This is the Worst Idea You’ve Ever Had. The comics are somewhat connected.

Oh also I got into the Pillowfort beta. It’s pretty rad. If you’re also on Pillowfort you can follow me here.