Every time I draw a blush on a Nai’ka I feel like I’m going way overboard but they have super translucent skin so?

Anyhow, my brother dropped by today and brought me a new motherboard and processor. So hopefully my computer will crash less often. I was worried about losing data but so far everything seems okay.

Also SPX is two weeks from now! I didn’t get a table this year but my friends Paul G Jones (http://www.gallantadventurescomic.com/) and Scorrosive (http://www.scorrosive.com/) did so if you’ll be there definitely check out their table. I’ll just kind of be around the con but if you see me feel free to come say hi.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention: I’m starting to post some sketches and other notes on Patreon about the fantasy comic I’m planning for after TWIYEH and Sin Pararse are done. You don’t have to be a patron to see them but if you wanted to be it would help me out a lot.¬†https://www.patreon.com/kytri