Fun fact? I penciled almost this entire page with Milosh still having two hands before I remembered.


Also I’m conducting sort of an informal poll. Normally my comic update schedule is 2 TWIYEH pages a week and 1 Sin Pararse page with other stuff like Thanks on Patreon and the Dark Souls fancomic just kind of getting done whenever I can get to them. TWIYEH is on break right now but I’m considering changing the schedule when it comes back to just one page a week for a while. Mostly it would free up time to work on Thanks, which is close to done. And then after that maybe updating one of the other comics more or starting a new porny comic on Patreon. I’d like to do a Gabry/Liam one and/or a Rei/Milosh one eventually. I’d love feedback on the idea, if you either really don’t want the schedule to change or you really like the idea of the schedule change let me know in the comments. Thanks!