So I’m still sick. The doctor’s never called me about my blood test so I still don’t know if it’s something really bad or not. I’m doing my best to keep up with everything still but I feel worse than I did a week ago so I’m inclined to think it’s not good.

A couple of announcements: Patreon hit $400… sort of. I was over 400 but then Patreon changed the way they display goals to reflect the approximate amount I actually get after fees and declined payments and everything. Before the amount they showed was based on pledges alone, not accounting the fees they take out and the fact that often people do not pay their pledges due to credit card errors or other issues. So it’s more accurate, but it is significantly below a goal I’d been really looking forward to.

Also some friends and I started a Let’s Play channel on youtube. Right now we’re playing Undertale. At the moment it’s a fun thing, but if it becomes successful we’ll probably expand and post videos more often.