Wow, that was fast. Mostly due to a couple of people giving me $20 each as a birthday donation.


Unfortunately that money is now already gone since due to a convoluted system as to how my apartment is handled. Somebody who is not me gets and handles my water and gas bill. And is not paying it, or forwarding me my portion of the bill. And I can’t just check on it because my name isn’t on the account. As a result my water got turned off today and after calling my landlord (who doesn’t seem to know the deal either WTF?) found out that we apparently owe some $800 dollars in water and gas bills. For three months. This is more than twice what we were paying last year.

And now I have no running water or money. Worst birthday ever.


As for the comic this is probably as bad as stuff ever gets for Gabry. He’s doing better on the pages I’m pencilling/inking now.