Hey! I’m back! Regular updates are happening again.

Some general announcements:

If you happen to be a $1 or more Patreon backer you can actually read some extra buffer pages. You’ll also get access to some high res copies of recent pages.

I’ve also posted several new designs to Society6 while I was gone if that sort of thing interests you. They’re running a sale right now too!

My money situation is a bit of a mess because I had to take so much time off my day job and now I’m not sure how much of a job I have to come back to. My day job accounted for 75% of my income so it’s a big problem. As it is I’m opening commissions to stem the gap in my bills. I’m charging an hourly rate of $15 an hour. I’m doing it this way because it’s more flexible. So $15 might get you a full body character sketch or a bust with inked lineart and an extra hour might get you a background or some simple coloring. If you’re interested you can send me an email at secretcollect@gmail.com let me know what you want and I’ll tell you about how long I think it will take and thus how much it will cost.